Snake Trapping

While we care deeply about the positive effects that snakes provide in helping to control rodents in our desert environment, there are times when snake populations may become too much to bear.

Snakes have been a part of the desert landscape for ions. Loss of habitat and/or an overabundance of prey animals often creates human/wildlife conflicts.  For many residents, seeing a snake pass through is a fairly regular occurrence, but in some cases, snakes are found within a residence, or are being seen in large numbers on a property.

For situations in which snakes are more than an occasional visitor,  we provide humane snake trapping solutions for residences (indoors or out,) barns, outbuildings, warehouses and storage yards, using specialized equipment that helps to avoid the capture of non-target animals. 

The use of products to “repel” snakes are most often ineffective, and in situations where snakes become a problem, humane trapping is often the safest, and most effective method of removal.