Annie, our state licensed trapper and certified (nuisance) wildlife control operator, (CWCO) has worked with companion animals, exotics, reptiles and wildlife since the late 1980’s in a veterinary technician and rehabilitation capacity not just locally, but worldwide.  She has had a passion for animals since early childhood.

North Sinai Desert, Egypt: Receiving a Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda) from a local Bedouin man, after she was caught in a trap. She recovered after extensive veterinary care,and was released to the wild, 1997.
  • Veterinary Technician: Emergency and standard veterinary hospitals: Companion animal care, wildlife rehabilitation-from eagles to songbirds, opossums to tortoises.
  • Emergency and follow-up veterinary care for smuggled (and confiscated) critically endangered species of tortoises, on-site in North Africa, and in the United Kingdom.
  • Humane trapping services (in a volunteer capacity) for companion and wild animal rescue emergencies locally.
  • Humane companion animal and wildlife trapping (in a volunteer capacity) for the first 6 months immediately following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in southern Louisiana.
  • Founder and director of a local not-for-profit animal welfare organization providing pet food, veterinary care, supplies, and referrals to in-need pet owners in the High Desert region. Emergency trapping services are provided for dogs dumped/lost/abandoned in remote desert areas, as well as trapping of sick/injured wild animals in need of a licensed rehabilitator on a volunteer basis through Mojave Desert Animal Rescue’s “Desert Canid Project.” 
  • Volunteer deployments to numerous large-scale animal related emergencies nationwide, to include animal fighting, wild fires, hurricanes, and floods.
Rescue: Terrified dog-rescued after being found tied to a tree stump deep in the Mojave River area, and left to die. (Now in a wonderful home!)

I decided to focus my efforts on providing quality, ethical wildlife services for residents of the Victor Valley and beyond, because I saw a need that was not being met, and felt I could make a positive difference not only for animals that find themselves in places they shouldn’t be, but also in the lives of people who are struggling with issues involving wildlife. I have been a resident of this beautiful desert for more than 20 years. I’ve been working with animals of countless species for most of my life.

Decontaminating a River Cooter (Pseudemys concinna) found suffering from chemical burns in caustic flood water: post-hurricane Katrina, Louisiana

I truly enjoy meeting new clients, their families and pets.  My goal is always to provide services in the most humane, ethical, and legal manner possible. It is very important to me to provide accurate education to help the public to understand our fantastic local wild neighbors, and to reduce human/wildlife conflicts.  I truly love my work.