High Desert Wildlife Control provides poison free, nuisance wildlife removal residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural in the Victor Valley region-and beyond, in San Bernardino County.  The areas we serve include Apple Valley, Lucerne Valley, Victorville, Hesperia,  Oak Hills,  Helendale, Adelanto, Phelan,  El Mirage, Oro Grande,  Barstow, and other unincorporated areas in the (High) Mojave Desert of Southern California.

SNAKES:  If you presently have a snake in or around your home and need assistance, please go to THIS PAGE.  If you still cannot identify the snake, you can text a clear photo to 760-961-5980 for free ID assistance.

Are you a High Desert resident or business with a wildlife problem?  Dealing with wayward wildlife can be a frustrating experience, and we’re here to help.  We address one issue only: wildlife, and strive to do so with expertise.

For information on wildlife issues common to our region, please use the menu links to the right side of the page.

We are not a “pest control company,” nor are we an “exterminator,” and for those with insect problems, pest control operators are well-educated and certified in the use of the products needed to rid your home of those types of unwanted guests.

Wildlife control, however, is a completely different field.

 We do not use poisons to deal with problem wildlife at any time. The use of poisons to control many species of wildlife is illegal in California.  In addition, secondary poisoning of non-target wildlife and companion animals is a serious and ongoing problem not just in California, but world-wide, and one we don’t wish to contribute to.

We are 23 year residents of the Victor Valley,  a locally owned business, and we are your neighbors.  We understand the biology, behavior, and issues caused by wildlife local to our unique region.  We are not a national corporation with a “cookie cutter” approach to wildlife problems.  Desert animals have evolved to have specific and unique behaviors to survive in our harsh climate.

We treat all wildlife with respect and kindness, regardless of the situation.  Providing humane, ethical, and legal services is not a choice for us, it is a standard which is not negotiable.

If we feel you need services that we cannot provide, we’ll tell you.  If you think you may need our services but don’t, we’ll tell you that too.

If you’re having a problem with troublesome wildlife, to include: Ground Squirrels, Mice and Rats,  Raccoons,  Opossums,  Bobcats Skunks, Coyotes, Rabbits or Snakes,

Call AND/OR TEXT 760.961.5980, contact us via email or message us on Facebook

We look forward to assisting you in resolving your wildlife issue.