Caution: It’s Nesting Season for Birds!

Pictured above are just hatched ravens (Corvus corax) and eggs that could hatch at any moment. One egg can be seen in the lower left corner. It is blue and speckled. As Spring makes an appearance and the days begin to

Yes, We Have Deer (and Mountain Lions) in the Mojave Desert

We are often asked if mountain lions, also known as pumas,  live in the Mojave Desert. It is commonly believed that mountain lions cannot survive in a desert environment, because the primary diet of many mountain lions is deer.   While

Why using rodent poison is dangerous

Wild animals in desert habitats are truly amazing in the ways they have evolved to survive, in what is often one of the most inhospitable climates on Earth.  Whether predator, scavenger, or prey, there is a lot of competition for