Depredation Permit Information

A Depredation Permit is a legal document, obtained by a homeowner or tenant from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to address a problem predator (injury or killing)  livestock, poultry, or pets, or if causing property damage.  Only the homeowner, tenant, or a designated agent may act under the terms of an issued permit.

Permits must be obtained for addressing issues with some species of wildlife, such as bobcats, feral (wild) pigs, and mountain lions on privately owned property.

When requesting a permit, you may designate an agent to trap the target animal.

To obtain a permit due to loss or injury of livestock, poultry, or pets on your property, contact the CDFW at:  916.358.2900 or for faster service, fill out this ONLINE FORM

It is important not to touch deceased animals left behind by a predator, and to leave the scene as untouched as possible.  Even walking in the area can destroy evidence, such as tracks needed to identify the predator.  Often, a CDFW Wildlife Biologist will come to your property to assess the situation before a permit is issued.  Video and photographic evidence of the animal can be very helpful.

When you contact CDFW,  if you are interested in having High Desert Wildlife Control to act as your agent, you may reach us at: 760.961.5980. 

If you wish to use an agent, that agent MUST be listed on an issued permit.

We have the equipment and experience needed to assist you in a professional and humane manner.  We understand what it is to experience the loss of animals, and will do all we can to assist you with compassion and in a professional, discreet manner.

Please note: The use of poisons of any kind to address issues with problem wildlife is prohibited by law.  The use of  leg-hold or metal-jawed traps and snares is illegal.

 An issued permit does not invalidate any city, county, or state firearm regulations.