Can Rodents Climb Walls?

A question we’re asked quite often, is “how well can rodents climb?”

The answer depends largely on the definition of “climbing,” and which rodent the question refers to. 

Some rodents, such as rabbits, can and do climb, but not high.  Invasive California Ground Squirrels, although a burrowing animal, may find their way into trees, and onto roofs with little effort.  Mice, wood rats and pack rats are the most common species to enter structures by “climbing the walls.” 

These species are excellent climbers.  Even a lightly textured wall is sufficient for a roof rat.  Textured siding, cinder block, brick, wood (even painted) and stucco are the most common surfaces in our area that roof rats easily climb.  Due to this behavior, it is very important to make certain that roof rats have no way to enter your home from the roof line, through wall vents, or ducts.

This video proves just how simple it is for rodents to find their way into your home, using walls.