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Often, we’re asked questions about the types of work that we do, and about issues involving local wildlife.    We’ll post stories and videos about “all things wildlife” in our beautiful Mojave Desert region.

Some posts may be to offer timely information, while others may focus on a specific species, or a current issue.

Our feature photo is of a Desert Kit Fox, who found her way into a humane cage trap. Desert Kit foxes are nocturnal, and are smaller than most house cats, weighing approximately 5 pounds as adults.  Due to their thick, heavy coats and large, bushy tails, they appear larger.  They aren’t often seen at night, they’re very small, quiet, and extremely cautious.

The trap was set for another species, but this fox just couldn’t resist a free meal.   Desert Kit Foxes are found throughout the Mojave Desert.  They’re excellent natural pest control, hunting for rodents and insects.

This very healthy fox was immediately released, directly from the trap and back into her own home range.